Arts, Music & Entertainment in Portsmouth

Arts, Music & Entertainment in PortsmouthThe exhilaration and excitement of a great performance is something that makes a lasting impression on you long after the curtain has fallen. When you're in Portsmouth, several of those types of experiences await you. Whether you are a fan watching live theater, listening to an up-and-coming live band or laughing out loud to a hilarious stand-up comedian, you'll want to be in the audience for the many memorable performances that are all a part of Portsmouth's exciting arts, music and entertainment scene.

Portsmouth Community Concerts, Inc.
Portsmouth Community Concerts is an organization with a mission that involves bringing the best live music performances to Portsmouth on a regular basis. So far, they have not fallen short of their purpose. This veteran group that specializes in concert presentation has been responsible for offering an impressive schedule of national and international acts and entertainment to Portsmouth audiences. The shows take place at Willett Hall. You can buy a subscription to guarantee great seats, or if you prefer, you can purchase tickets individually.

Address: 901 Crawford Street, Portsmouth, VA - MAP
Phone: (757) 686-5447

Union Bank & Trust Pavilion
Enjoying a superb concert outdoors is always a treat for the senses. Thanks to the Union Bank & Trust Pavilion, it is an experience that you can enjoy on regular basis. This 6,500 capacity outdoor venue is expansive enough to allow you to stretch out but also intimate enough to allow you to get lost in the music being created on stage. The entertainment venue has hosted an impressive roster of performers that include Tony Bennett, Vince Gill, BB King, Tom Petty and Anita Baker. Performances are always being added, so check the website regularly to stay informed of upcoming shows.

Address: 16 Crawford Cir, Portsmouth, VA 23704 - MAP
Phone: (757) 393-8181

Commodore Theatre
While going to the movies is always a great way to spend an evening, the experience of catching one of the latest box office hits gets taken to a higher, classier level when you plan to see a movie at the Commodore Theatre in Portsmouth. This luxurious theater was originally built in 1945 and was recently renovated in an eye-catching Art Deco style. But don't let the vintage trappings fool you–your movie-watching experience will prove to be quite a cutting edge entertainment experience thanks to the facility's state-of-the-art sound and projection technology.

Address: 421 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 - MAP
Phone: (757) 393-6962

Willett Hall
If it's an onstage event happening in Portsmouth, there's a good chance that it is happening at the city's Willett Hall. This entertainment venue has been a benchmark site of many types of performances that have delighted audiences for years. Everything from rock and country concerts, impressively staged theatrical performances, thought-provoking speakers or seminars, or graceful ballets or dance recitals, Portsmouth's great performances can always be found on the Willett Hall stage.

Address: 3701 Willett Dr, Portsmouth, VA 23707 - MAP
Phone: (757) 393-5460

Seawall Art Show
Every August, Portsmouth celebrates the creation and impact of art with the popular Seawall Art Show. For over 30 years, this has proven to be one of the area's favorite events. Art lovers from all over the area gather in Portsmouth to enjoy the showcase of fine arts and crafts that both artists and artisans bring to the Portsmouth waterfront. The Portsmouth Fine Arts Commission and Portsmouth Museum are the main organizers of this show with proceeds going to support the continuation of various arts programs in Portsmouth.

Address: 521 Middle St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 - MAP
Phone: (757) 393-8983

Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center
Thoughts and feelings always need to be expressed. Artists who express their unique thoughts and feelings usually convey them through a variety of media, but the original spirit is always the same–to communicate their story to as many people as possible. That type of expression is at the heart of all of the incredible exhibits and displays that you will discover at the Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center. Through the many traveling exhibits and special programs, visitors can uncover the stories behind some of the world's most fascinating cultures as told through paintings, sculptures, pottery and more.

Address: 420 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 - MAP
Phone: (757) 393-8543