Portsmouth Sports and Recreation

Portsmouth Sports and RecreationSure, there are many places to go and things to see in Portsmouth, but some of the best and most popular activities can be experienced in the area's inviting outdoor settings. While the city is deeply rooted in history and tradition, it also is highly appealing in terms of its natural beauty. These excellent spots are perfect scenarios in which to enjoy a variety of sporting and recreational activities.


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Hiking, Biking & Trails

Bike Trail
While the Elizabeth River winds its way through Virginia and up to Atlantic City, the section of it that runs adjunct to Chesapeake Bay and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean runs through Norfolk. This is a 9.5-mile recreation trail that extends between Harbor Park Stadium and the Norfolk International Terminals and extends along Norfolk's waterfront. Its size and asphalt surface make it an ideal choice for biking, skating, and walking as well as running and jogging.

Address: Portsmouth, VA - MAP

Virginia Trail
The Portsmouth Virginia Trail is a favorite of area hikers as it offers minimal elevation gain and is available to outdoor enthusiasts year round. The recreation trail is located in the central part of Portsmouth and extends outward to run alongside the Elizabeth River that allows runners and hikers to be able to take in some truly spectacular natural scenery.

Address: Portsmouth, VA - MAP

Orange Ramble Bike Trail
Fans of biking have to travel a bit, but the experience of the the Orange Ramble bike trail in nearby King George is well worth the travel time. This is a 32 mile loop trail located near King George and is suitable for all kinds of skill levels. While you may see the occasional walker or runner, the recreation trail is primarily used for road biking and is accessible year-round.

Address: King George, VA - MAP


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Elizabeth River
Portsmouth and its sister city, Norfolk, share many similarities. One of the geographical links that the two areas have is the Elizabeth River. This is a popular destinations for lovers of outdoor activities and water sports and recreation such as swimming and fishing. In the warmer months, it is not unusual to see water skiers out for a day of aquatic fun.

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Tidewater Yacht Marina
The Tidewater Yacht Marina in Portsmouth is a classy midpoint for travelers on the Intracoastal Waterway between New York and Florida who are navigating the waters on their boat or yacht. The venue features a large party deck and showers, restrooms and other amenities that will make every seafarer who passes through quite happy.

Address: 10 Crawford Pkwy, Portsmouth, VA - MAP
Phone: (757) 393-2525
Web: www.marinas.com

Carrie B. Harbor Cruise
Go on an unforgettable nautical adventure when you get on board the Carrie B. Harbor Cruise. In addition to offering popular cruise packages, the vessel also offers special charters that are perfect for any family celebration or corporate outing. The Carrie B. is a replica of a Mississippi riverboat that even features a paddlewheel. The river boat can accommodate up to 300 guests and once on board, everyone can enjoy a full bar service and the spectacular views from the climate-controlled deck.

Address: Portsmouth, VA - MAP
Phone: (757) 393-4735
Web: www.carriebcruises.com


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Plenty Of Thrills

Thirst For Adrenaline
Take that all-important step off of the safe and the expected and free fall into an adrenaline-pumping extreme sports experience you will never forget when you take your first bungee jump with a little help from Thirst for Adrenaline. If you prefer a different activity, the staff can direct you to a number of other equally daring choices that include cliff diving, hang gliding, kite surfing, snowboarding, skydiving and white water rafting.

Web: www.thirstforadrenaline.com

American Indoor Karting
Rev it up but stay inside when you get behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art European kart with Honda motors at American Indoor Karting in Portsmouth. This is the ultimate indoor karting experience that you will enjoy on a highly sophisticated set of professionally designed tracks. Helmets are required, as fun and safety are both the top priorities at this thrill-packed recreation venue.

Address: 2884 Airline Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23701 - MAP
Phone: (757) 405-9715
Web: www.americanindoorkarting.com


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Elizabeth River
Enjoy the calm surroundings and lush greenery of the Elizabeth River when you come to cast your line in for an afternoon or evening of recreational fishing. It is so tranquil here that sometimes the only sound is the buzz of your fishing reel releasing enough fishing line to quietly plop in the water. And while this is a favorite destination of many Portsmouth anglers, it is rarely crowded as the river's sprawling area makes it easy to find a spot that feels like your very own.

Address: Portsmouth, VA - MAP
Web: www.elizabethriver.org

Victory Bowling Lanes
The Victory Bowling Lanes in Portsmouth more than lives up to its name as it is a truly winning choice for bowlers of all ages. The electronic scoring, shoe and ball rental and impressive snack bar are all just a part of what makes spending time here so special. This recreation venue really is one of Portsmouth's favorite destinations for good, clean family fun!

Address: 2513 Victory Boulevard, Portsmouth, VA - MAP
Phone: (757) 487-1614

Roger Brown's Restaurant & Sports Bar
Feel like racking them up for a recreational game of pool? Then head to Roger Brown's Restaurant and Sports Bar in Portsmouth. Not only will you be able to play an excellent game of pool on one of their many regulation tables, but you will also be able to catch the latest sports on the many flat screen televisions, enjoy something tasty from the menu and top it all off with your favorite beer or mixed drink from the bar!

Address: 316 High Street, Portsmouth, VA - MAP
Phone: (757) 399-5377
Web: www.rogerbrowns.com